Our Classes

Bend & Burn Yoga :: 45 Minutes :: $5.00

High Intensity, fat-burning yoga - this in NOT meditation yoga!!! Isometric movements utilizing yoga positions to tune your body’s balance, flexibility, core, upper body and leg strength while burning calories. Class is open to everyone. Women & Men, All Ages, All Levels. 

Modifications available for all fitness levels.

Total Body Blast :: 30 Minutes :: Medium Intensity

Get fit fast! A total body workout perfect for every fitness level that incorporates body movements, weights, resistance bands, interval timing and martial arts inspiration. You will tone and shape your body without adding bulky muscle.

Morning PT :: 30 Minutes :: Medium+ Intensity

Kick your day off with a complete body workout in just 30 minutes. Inspired by military morning Physical Training this workout brings cardio, high intensity intervals (HiiT), core and strength training all in one focused 30 minute package. Wake Up, burn fat, build muscle & get on with your day!

Symmetry Yoga :: 45 Minutes :: Low/Medium Intensity

Moderate isometric yoga movements, hand weights and resistance bands combine to create a balanced workout that burns calories, increases flexibility and improves your balance. Moderations available for those who wish to enhance intensity.

Extreme Butt & Gutt :: 30 Minutes :: Medium/High Intensity

An exercise class completely focused on your “Problem Areas” > Glutes (butt) and your Abs/core (gutt). This class will emphasize conditioning, muscle building & fat burning your entire core and upper legs! Exercise intervals done using the Tabata timing method to raise metabolism and enhance endurance. 

Participants must be able to get up and down from the floor, kneel and have reasonable back flexibility.

Weight Loss Yoga :: 30 Minutes :: Medium/High Intensity

High Intensity, biometrically balanced yoga positions focused directly on fat & calorie burn. Complete muscle & cardio stimulation in a 30 minute yoga class.

High Intensity Interval Training (Hiit)

What's the fatest route to weight-loss? Interval Training! 4 Tabata intervals in 20 minutes - Get your body burning!